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    NXN becomes Google Cloud partner

    NXN to develop solutions and services on Google Cloud’s Anthos managed application platform, helping customers deliver workloads to the network edge.

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    NXN works with leaders in business, city management and public sector organisations to simplify and accelerate their digital transformation and next-generation technology innovations.

    We empower customers to embrace innovation, digital disruption and future technologies, allowing them to make their aspirations a reality. Founded in 2007, NXN is an end-to-end smart digital services provider, leveraging the deep expertise of its industry consulting, data, and technology teams. Our advanced DNX Digital Services Platform provides customers with the agility they need to fast track innovation, break down data silos and implement disruptive technology solutions with confidence.


    With deep experience across many key industry sectors, our expert teams understand how technology can support your strategy.

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    Strategy and Consulting Services

    Our strategy and planning methodology puts stakeholder experience at the centre, linked to final outcomes.

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    Digital Solutions

    We offer a variety of smart solutions, both as managed services and as custom-built solutions.

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    Districts & Communities

    Smart Cities

    Services & Solutions

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    Digital Transformation Masterplan

    Data Strategy

    Advanced Technologies

    DNX Platform

    NXN Custom Solutions

    NXN Advanced Analytics

    NXN Command and Insights

    NXN Smart Security

    NXN Smart Healthcare

    A Pioneer in Digital Transformation

    NXN has pioneered the delivery of turnkey digital transformation services to high-profile private and public sector organisations, from planning to execution. Leveraging its powerful DNX Services Platform, NXN makes it easy for customers to develop and deploy next generation digital services tightly aligned with their vision for the future.

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    Strategic Alliances

    NXN has invested years in building strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading technology developers in order to deliver customers best of breed technology solutions. We work closely with industry partners to ensure that NXN services and solutions are integrated with our DNX Services Platform and new technologies work seamlessly within your systems environment.

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    Learn more about our expertise and insights on digital transformation.


    NXN becomes Google Cloud partner, empowering customers to develop and deploy services to the network edge

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    NXN CEO talks to Schneider Electric’s MEA Goes Green Podcast?

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    NXN Schneider Electric partnership

    NXN & Schneider Electric announce partnership

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